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August Covid-19 Update

Sadly STAGE 4 has forced the LFS to cease flight training for the time being.

Given the fact that in the last 4 months there have been zero cases of Covid-19 transmission in Melbourne-based flying organisations, a number of appeals are being made at high level to the relevant Victorian authorities to exempt flight training from the shutdown.

We are hopeful on these appeals while there also appear to be some grey areas in the STAGE 4 restrictions as published that may give us room to continue. However, we feel it appropriate to give it 5 days in the hope that a government response to clarify, one way or the other, can be elicited.

In the meantime, Yarra Valley Aviation will remain open 7 days per week as per our normal operating hours for essential flying only.

Please contact us at your leisure to make a time to convene with your instructor (phone, Zoom etc) to work a plan for you to make the most progress possible from home. This is the perfect time to knock off your theory stuff so you can sail through the flying when allowed.

At this stage you may still sit and pass RAAus BAK, RPLA, PPLA and PIFR and exams.

We are also committing to regular free Wednesday evening seminars (via Zoom) on wide-ranging topics including – a Pro’s guide to Essendon’s Control Zone, What to watch for in buying an aeroplane, a Masterclass on Weight & Balance questions and much more!

Lastly, if you do visit us be aware we are taking additional precautions including strict limits on the numbers in our office, use of PPE and sanitizing everything.

Most importantly, we ASK clients to stay at home if you have any sign of illness including a persistent runny nose, fever, cough or sore throat and suggest you stay there until you get the result of a COVID test.

Thank you

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