Getting started

Anyone can learn to fly!

The RAA Pilot Certificate / RPL (Recreational Pilot License) phase is the first step in becoming a pilot. One of our instructors will guide you through a simple step-by-step process, which breaks learning to fly down into a series of individual lessons focussed on the fundamental skills required to safely control the aircraft.

To obtain the RPL you will need to complete a minimum of 25 hours flight training of which 5 of those hours must be flown solo (without an instructor). You will also need to be 16 years of age.

Experience shows that most candidates will require more than 25 hours. The main determinant will be the regularity of the flying. As with most learning experiences, the more regularly you train, the more cost effective it will be. Each of the lessons towards the RPL consists of a flight of approximately one hour’s duration. During this training you will learn basic aircraft handling on how to fly an Aircraft and to handle Emergency and Non Normal Procedures. After completion of the training and the Flight Test you will be permitted to fly within 25nm (approximately 40km) of the aerodrome and carry passengers.

You can undertake additional training and add on various endorsements such as the Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement, Controlled Airspace endorsement (if you intend to fly in and out of such Aerodromes) and the Flight Radio Endorsement. For those that don’t wish to proceed to the Private Pilot Licence, you can also add on a Recreational Navigation Endorsement. Most candidates however, generally proceed on to the Private Pilot Licence (PPL).

Yarra Valley Aviation - Recreational Pilots Licence

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