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Explore the vast Australian Outback from the air.

Australia is a vast continent and aerial safaris, in the tradition of the golden age of air travel, provide a unique way for groups to travel to destinations that are either inconvenient or inaccessible by other means of transport. With our experience we can link together special places of interest and arrange tours of varying length to all partsof Australia in various sized aircraft.

We know which destinations suit which groups of people [eg. birdwatchers, photographers] so you mention your interests and we will put it altogether for you.

We usually fly inland safaris in the winter months, and whatever the furthest destination, we use interesting en route stopping places such as Broken Hill, Birdsville, Alice Springs and Mt Isa. The most popular tours are to the Centre, Kimberley, to the North and Darwin, and Central Queensland and the Gulf.

Yarra Valley Aviation - Central Australia

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